A design project exploring 

Ancient Greek Aesthetics 

through computational design 

&  digital fabrication

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Beauty ·Truth ·Wisdom

The Project

According to philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (569-475 BC),

the great harmonic law of nature which governs the universe, can be explored by the language of mathematics. 

Ancient Greeks explored harmonic numbers in a unique way either through music or geometry,

coming up with works of such excellence, inspiring humanity throughout the centuries, 

awakening the soul with qualities & powers like balance, strength, gentleness, grace.

Unravel is a project that aims to revisit the ancient greek principles of beauty,

that through truth (in this case mathematics) can inspirit wisdom

this time using computational design & digital fabrication,

to generate fascinating forms that unfold mystifying tales.

A collection inspired by

Ancient Greek Sculptures


Eleni Kousouri is a Greek artist, 

architect & designer. 

Her work includes Interior, Product, 

Graphic & Jewellery Design, 

researching how computation and 

digital fabrication can inform design today.


Eleni’s award winning collections have appeared at selected museum & concept stores, 

as well as fashion shows & design weeks.


Her artwork and limited editions have appeared & exhibited at Athens Benaki Museum,  

the Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki,

Paris FashionWeek, London Boxpark & London Topshop Pop Up.

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